100% Natural & 100% Delicious

Why Natural Food?

Natural Food (NA) is a complete and balanced diet that includes selected meats, vegetables, fresh fruits, cereals, minerals, vitamins and functional ingredients, without the use of artificial additives, such as artificial preservatives, coloring, flavoring, flavoring or palatability agents. . It must not contain by-products from the human food industry, such as bran, processed flour or crushed grains and require the use of ingredients intended for human consumption (top quality). It must use functional ingredients and be a biologically compatible diet (which includes selected proteins, without grains, with a higher concentration of proteins and lipids, with a low concentration of carbohydrates). Natural food allows for a minimum of thermal processing such as freezing and heating.

It is recommended for dogs and cats of any age, as long as they have already been weaned.

Pet Delícia’s 100% natural recipes use only quality ingredients, such as meat, vegetables, fruits, functional ingredients and the minerals and vitamins that we add to our food. And all of this is reflected in your animal’s health.

Furthermore, in our recipes, we use only the grains necessary to achieve the perfect balance, important fibers, oils, energy sources and functional ingredients. We only work with fresh ingredients, which arrive daily at our factory. In our delicate cooking process, we only use natural preservatives and antioxidants, eliminating any artificial additives that could harm your Pet.

Pet Delícia is a balanced and complete diet that can be offered exclusively or mixed into the dry food.

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Utilizamos em nossas receitas apenas ingredientes 100% naturaisWe use only 100% natural ingredients in our recipes, with the best food quality. This means that these ingredients are suitable for human consumption and are therefore subject to the food industry’s strict regulations in terms of quality and hygiene. This way, we can always ensure that your dog or cat receives the best when it comes to juicy meats, fresh vegetables and tasty fruits. After all, we choose everything with great care and care so that you can be sure that you are receiving the best food for your pet’s health and well-being.

Dry Food vs Pet Delícia

Dry Food

  • Contains on average only 8% moisture
  • Contains artificial preservatives, colorings and flavoring agents
  • Uses animal by-products
  • It has a high share of carbohydrates and cereals
  • It has low meat content and quality
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Pet Delícia

  • Contains 75% moisture
  • It has selected and balanced meats in adequate quantities to naturally offer all the essential amino acids for the animal’s health.
  • It has fresh and healthy ingredients
  • Contains only natural preservatives and antioxidants
  • Does not use dyes or flavoring agents
  • Does not accept transgenic products
  • Contains 75% moisture

Natural, complete and balanced. Just as you care about having a healthy diet, your best friend deserves it too.


Our recipes make a valuable contribution to the health of pets and give you the security of adding quality when eating. Our food is made with real meat and healthy fats including omegas 3, 6 and 9, which gives him more vitality, a strong immune system, a healthier coat, good dental health, a healthy weight and better digestion.