100% Natural & 100% Delicious

About Us

Passion for Pets moves us: Our simple values ​​are based on truth and reciprocity. Making use of innovative technology, we offer functional, practical, healthy, incredibly tasty and 100% natural recipes, bringing an incomparable quality of life to your best friend.

The story of Pet Delícia began in Rio de Janeiro in 2010 in a family that loves animals. Chico and Eko, the house’s two mascots, were fed super premium dry food, but for some time they had been showing a lack of appetite and lack of joy when eating. To solve this problem, we slowly began to prepare and mix balanced food for them using the best ingredients, which were not only fragrant and tasty, but also 100% natural. We realized through research that adding natural food to the daily meal brought many health and well-being benefits to our animals and, to the delight of our dogs, we began to prepare balanced, natural, and super appetizing food.

During conversations with other dog owners about the visible benefits that natural food provided to DOGS, we realized that many people would love to offer this mixture to their pet’s diet, adding healthy and tasty food like in our grandparents’ times. But people commented: “I don’t have time to make food for myself, how can I make food for my dog? How can I make such a balanced food to mix into the food my dog ​​eats?” That’s how we thought about helping other ANIMAL lovers have access to the same food we prepare for our best friends, and the Pet Delícia brand was born, the pioneer of natural food for pets in the Brazilian market.

Today we work with a 100% natural line, offering special recipes for both dogs and cats, always using the best ingredients and without the addition of preservatives, dyes or GMOs. We work with the vision of bringing natural food to all dogs and cats in Brazil and providing the same affection and love when we prepare our recipes daily that we felt when we created the first recipes in the kitchen for Chico and Eko.

Our Research

We researched a lot which foods would be suitable for dogs and cats, and with the help of nutritionists and experts, we created our recipes. Researchers from the State University of São Paulo – UNESP analyzed each recipe and advised us on which ingredients were beneficial or harmful to animals. After testing for several months, we launch each new recipe onto the market. Currently, our Research and Development team has nutritionists and veterinarians specialized in nutrition for dogs and cats and is always updating itself to bring innovation based on scientific research and the most efficient natural ingredients on the market.